Hello everyone, good news for game developers! From now, you can get some cool Quixel MegaScans PBR textures for free. Epic Games team gives more and more free stuff for Unreal Engine and I think this is just awesome!

Epic Games team announced the acquisition of Quixel. The acquisition is a gigantic gift for Unreal Engine developers, as they will get access to the massive texture libraries for free! Additionally, Megascans subscriptions are being improved and Mixer and Bridge 2020 are both being released for free! Excellent news all around!

Right now you can get some great MegaScans textures for free at Unreal Engine Marketplace here ->>> link. Many thanks, Epic Games team!

Well, what to say? Epic Games team is investing hard to get more users, and what Unity team does? They raised their subscription fees! They want more money for their outdated and unstable game engine! Last time I had tried to work with latest Unity version, it crashed twice in a half an hour without any reason. Nice job Unity team as usual! Unity game engine has been transitioning to a next-gen engine for years now and still no end in sight. Furthermore, Unity team seems to be struggling to find a reliant source of income.

Meanwhile, Epic Games team is making a pretty good argument why swapping development engines may be worth it right now. I see it as a chance for more people to start using Unreal Engine and more free cool stuff mean more awesome games even for Indy developers. Good job Epic Games team, you are awesome!

Bear in mind that Epic Games team already gives some cool assets for free at Unreal Marketplace every month. Right now, you can get amazing Ballistics FX here ->>> link. This is the best thing I have ever seen and must have for any new shooter game.