A cool AAA title game needs a cool website. The most common way to make a website is to use PHP language. But it's even better to use a good PHP framework that can drastically speed up website development (if it is a good PHP framework of cause).

So meet the best PHP framework - Fat-Free PHP - I really like this framework. It has everything you need to have to produce a modern, cool website, and it works really fast.

Speed is the most essential parameter of any PHP framework. Good written pure PHP code works fast, while a bad written large inefficient PHP framework has all the chances to slow down entire website. In fact, Fat-Free PHP Framework can actually work even faster than pure PHP code due to caching option it has.

Condensed in a single ~80 kb file, Fat-Free PHP Framework gives you a solid foundation and a mature code base. So let’s try it in action. First you need to download latest version from here ->>>

In this zip file you actually need only lib folder and .htaccess file. You need to upload them to your root website folder as shown on this picture:

Ok, let’s go ahead and create a “Hello, World!” test PHP file. Open any text editor you like and create a new file, “index.php” with the following content:

Upload this file to your website as shown on this picture:

And then just visit your website. You should see “Hello, World!”. Congratulations, your first Fat-Free PHP Framework based website works good! In my next posts, I’ll describe some advanced ways of using it.