Some people ask for more information about our team and future plans. Well, our small indie game development team now consists of only 2 members: Me – Alex (software developer from Estonia) and my good old friend Andrey (3D modeler from Ukraine).

Right now we start our first game project in Unity game engine to get some experience. We think that our first project should be not so hard to do, but not so easy either. We want to make a “World of Tanks” like massive multiplayer tank action game. Yes that’s it! This way we can get some experience in client–server programming while we think that it’ll be not so hard to implement realistic tank physics in Unity game engine because there are a lot of examples.

The name of our first game is "T.A.N.K.S – Modern Battlezone". Here is the logo:

We think that it is a good practice to take a well-known game and to try to make a similar game. We plan to publish our early access game on Steam by the summer of 2019. Of course, more info about our project status and progress you can find in this blog.

When we get some practice and maybe some money from our first game, we plan to start our second game project. It is in thinking about concept stage right now, and it should be really awesome. We can’t start it yet because it is a way too complex for such a noob indie team as we are right now. Estimated time of our second project start is the summer 2019. It’ll be a massive multiplayer game as well.

So that’s all about our small indie team and our plans for this and next year. Let’s hope that everything should be ok and stay tuned.