My short article about current situation with Unity game engine and our future plans. Well, our plans first. We are still in the process of making massive multiplayer military tanks battle game. We intend to not release it on Steam since it just a project to get more experience with Unity game engine. There is a lot of trash on Steam already without it.

What we really want to do is to start the new game of our dreams later this year. And since we are a small indie team, we want to use Unity game engine for that. But now, looking at what actually happens with Unity, I am not so sure about it anymore.

Hello Unity, where is the new multiplayer stuff? UNET is gone, fine, but what we should use for now if we start a new Unity game project? You promise to release brand new awesome multiplayer library, but we still have nothing! Hello Unity team, we want to make multiplayer games in 2019, do you know?

New stuff with new bugs! Terrain instancing does not work with tessellation. Common Unity team, tessellation is a kind of old technology already, and we want to use it in our games. So why it does not work with your brand-new terrain instancing? Some technical limitation, or someone just forgot about it? I understand that you change Unity game engine a lot for the moment, but why you just can’t make some steps complete, tested and ready for use? Even Unity 2018.4 LTS has terrain tessellation bug. Common Unity team we need terrain instancing with tessellation!

About HDRP – it is still in active development and changed a lot with each new version. It also has problems with tessellation and light baking. We really want to use it in our new game since the default rendering pipeline is a kind of old crap, but I am not so sure anymore that by the end of this year we can have a production-ready version of HDRP.

So as it can be seen the current situation with Unity game engine looks like Unity team wants to bring all the new technologies but without real success. Old Unity stuff is ancient and useless for next-gen games, but new Unity stuff is far not ready and has bugs. It seems like Unity team wants to make too much, but they have not enough skilled professional people, or they just produce too much chaos. So all we can do for now is just to sit, wait and hope. Or maybe not? Last time, I look more and more closely at Unreal Engine. It seems like Unreal Engine team is more responsible for what they do, and they really care about quality of game engine, while Unity game engine looks more and more as a pile of useless garbage.